Although little known in Quebec, the yurt has gained popularity in recent years and has more and more followers. Whether for commercial or private use, the yurt designed and manufactured by is an original, reliable and durable choice. Our product can be tailored to your needs, give free rein to your imagination and we will transform your wishes into reality! Dare the yurt!

Commercial use:

  • • Cottages for rent on a campsite or resorts
  • • Chalets for outfitters
  • • Increased capacity for hotels and motels
  • • Shelters and cabins along the hiking, snowshoe and ski trails
  • • Accommodation for the practice of snowmobiling, all terrain, horse-riding, etc.
  • • Welcome Buildings
  • • Information buildings
  • • Permanent and temporary showrooms
  • • Permanent and temporary camps for worker

Private use:

  • • Chalet
  • • Additional piece in your backyard
  • • Spa shelter
  • • Workshops (painting, sculpture, etc.)